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Why Does The Bachelor/Bachelorette Bother Me So Much?

Where do I even begin?

May 22, 2017

Tonight is the debut of the next season of ABC's The Bachelorette featuring Rachel Lindsay. Yay... not really! She has yet to give out her first roses and send some guys packing, and we already know that this new season will end with an engagement. But really, am I surprised? 

Has there ever been a season of The Bachelor/Bachelorette where it didn't end with someone getting a big old Neil Lane Diamond ring and a proposal? The answer is no because apparently that doesn't make for good TV. On a side note, you can find out where all those one happy couples are now here.

But see this show just exacerbates everything that is wrong with dating in 2017! Men on these dating apps think they are Ben Higgins and should have 20 women fawning at their heels for their attention. And women think they are JoJo Fletcher and want multiple men fighting over their heart. But see there's nothing real about this reality TV show. 

Lasting connections do not form on a reality TV show. Ok, well maybe Tristan and Ryan are the exceptions. How long have they been together? But if you start out dating 25 different men, how can you give anyone a fair chance? How can you get to know them? I get that some people get eliminated because the person isn't attracted to them or they were some weirdo, freak show producers threw in the mix to get people tweeting. 

As someone who reentered the dating scene a few months ago, I can tell you it sucks. I read a stat and fully believe that it's true for many people. It said that the average guy on a dating site is dating at least six women. Six women!!! How can you determine if someone is a match or if there's a spark if you're dividing your attention between all of those different people? You can't! There's no way possible. 

So we know Rachel Lindsay will end up engaged at the end of the show because that's how it always ends. But why can't show producers come up with another way of ending things? Like instead of a proposal, why not decided to court one another exclusively for six months and see how things go. I am sure they could make a spin-off show on just the monogamous dating and people would still tune in and tweet. 

They say you don't get to know someone until about 90 days in. It's at this point that people start taking off their masks and stop with their best behavior and start to show flaws and cracks in their personality. This is when they become a real person.