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Why Grandparents Hate The Names You Give Your Kids

September 19, 2017

Naming a baby is a big task. There are so many things to consider when choosing a name. Will their initials spell something wrong or stand for something negative? Does the name quickly rhyme with something that kids can pick on them over? Is the name something unique that will stand out? Is it too unique and will your kid be tortured for life over your choice? 

This is just one of the many reasons I haven't had any children. I don't think I could live up to the pressure of picking something that will stay with a person forever like their name. Every month or two, there are always studies that come out about the most popular baby names for the year or the ones that are about to be extinct. And there's also the ever-growing list of the worst baby names ever. Check out the link if you want to see some of the horrific names people have given their bundles of joy. The one that I remember from the list that may be the worst was Orgasm! #NotKidding

Baby name trends are always changing because of pop culture and other influences. Some of these names are a bit odd to the older folks. In fact, according to a new study, 20% of grandparents hate your name choice. Eek! Hate is a strong word. 

Why are your parents so miffed about your children's name? 

32% feel the name is too odd.

20% are upset that you didn't use the name they suggested. 

15% thinks it sounds like a fake name.

And 11% worry that the name will end up embarrassing the child. 

I wonder if Kris Jenner was polled in this study? Kim Kardashian and Kanye West love to give their children oddball names like North and Saint. Lord only knows what they will name their daughter that's due via surrogate in January! I'm almost afraid to guess. 

KimYe's name choices aren't the worst by far! See the link below for THE WORST celebrity baby names ever!