Why Is It So Hard To Make Friends As an Adult?

Seriously, the struggle is real!

June 12, 2018

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Sure those years when we were back in high school and college were trying at times, but it was so much easier to make friends. 

I found an interesting article on Buzzfeed.com about things to know about making friends as an adult, and it got me thinking. One of Buzzfeed's suggestions resonated with me. "To make new friends, you'll have to try new things." We all have individual routines and places we like to go, but maybe just switching it up a bit can open up a whole new World of possible friendships. 

I did some digging and found some great resources for Adults to expand their circle of friends. There are a million and one APPs to find love and do the whole online dating thing, but did you know there are also APPs that help find friends too? 

Have you tried the Bumble APP for dating? Well, it has a whole other side called Bumble BFF. The friend portion of the APP works in the same way as the dating side where you swipe right and left. Once you and a potential friend match, you have 24-hours to initiate a conversation. 

There's a new APP called Me3. The website describes the new APP as a "way to meet friends nearly identical to you without the awakwardness for free." It doesn't just connect two people but connects three and works to build tribes of friends based on similar interests and lifestyles. 

Or you can use something that's been around for quite awhile called MeetUp to go hiking or take a cooking class with other people and makes friends that way too. 

Remember, you don't have to have some huge squad of friends. Quality is much more important than quantity!