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Will You Pay $1k for the New iPhone 8?

Why is it so pricey this time around?

September 11, 2017

Tomorrow is Apple's BIG product release event at the new Steve Jobs Theater on Apple's Cupertino, California campus. 

That looks like a round version of the Pentagon doesn't it? 

I am an Apple girl all the way. I drank the Kool-Aide in 2001 when I became sick of getting win sock 32 errors on my Compaq Presario. My first Mac was the Graphite iMac. It was an all in one computer that had all of the drives and insides in the screen. It was pretty innovative for its time, and I loved it. That computer was around until about 2012 as I had handed it down to my grandmother. Since that iMac, I have bought nine other Apple computers. I also have the iWatch, iPhone, two Apple TVs, and the Apple Time Capsule for backing up my data. Oh, and I also worked for Apple for about a year as a Mac Specialist in one of their New Jersey retail stores. I was the top sales person in our store for 2004! 

Every September Apple Geeks get excited for the new product launch announcement which always includes a new iPhone and iOS to run it. But this year the new iPhone is going to be $1,000! But wait, what about the great deals that are usually available through your cell phone service provider? 

Yay for the iPhone 8 which will cost: $999—or twice the price of the original iPhone and just as much as it costs to scoop up a MacBook Air laptop. Ouch!!! I am sure you'll still be able to get the phone through an installment plan through your carrier. 

So what will the new iPhone look like? What kind of crazy features will it have to warrant the higher price tag?

Read more about the different versions being announced here! As for this Apple Geek, I won't be upgrading this time around because I just got the iPhone 7 Plus in April.