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Witty Women Win With Men Only If They're Hot

April 21, 2017

Are you witty and creative? Apparently, these traits are on the top of men's lists of what they want, but only if you are super attractive. Wah, Wah, Wah...

But the same cannot be said for men. According to a new study, unattractive men are automatically seen as much more attractive if they show their wit and creativity. Boo, seriously why are there so many damn double standards?

I know I am witty and quick with the comebacks. I think some guys cannot handle a woman who's quick on her feet... well unless she's super hot. I wouldn't consider myself hot. I'd say I am cute and attractive. I know I have an awesome personality, but that doesn't go over well according to this crappy study! 

Need another kick in the butt, ladies? "The study also found that less physically attractive men who are creative are equally as attractive overall as men who are objectively good-looking but who are not creative."

You can read more about this study that just once again proves that there's a double standard here.