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Woman's Honeymoon Shark Attack Caught on Camera

This will be a vacation they'll never forget.

December 14, 2017

We constantly have our phones or some sort of photo/video device on us so we can capture all of our lives and share it with the World on social media. A recently married couple probably never thought that their honeymoon video would be seen by people all over the World, but that's exactly what happened. 

Sarah Illig and her new husband Evan Carroll were spending their first vacation as a married couple in the Bahamas. The couple from Charleston, South Carolina decided to go on an adventure that allows you to swim with sharks. Carroll was using an underwater camera to get footage of his bride swimming in the crystal, clear water when all of a sudden the unexpected happened

The woman spoke with Inside Edition and described her horrifying experience. 

The type of shark that bit Illig is a Nurse Shark. This is a type of shark that doesn't bite unless it's being provoked or taunted, neither which Illig did as you saw in the video. The couple has since returned to the United States and Sarah is healing well.

Does this story make you think twice about going on a swimming with the sharks experience the next time your visiting the Islands?