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Women Are Putting Glitter Where?!?

This is just an all around bad idea!

July 5, 2017

A little goes a long way is definitely a phrase that applies to glitter. It's one of those things that once you get it on you, it's almost impossible to get it all off. You will literally find a random piece of glitter here or there days or weeks later.

Lately, the glitter trend is going crazy. People are putting glitter everywhere. Now I am fine with a little sparkle, but glitter can be super dangerous if it gets in your eyes. Plus not all glitter is even meant to be worn on the face and can cause a host of other problems. 

People are putting massive amounts of glitter into the roots of their hair. It is pretty, but I'd image quite a task to get out 100-precent. 

And there's the glitter eye makeup crease. It looks pretty cool, but again, I don't want glitter getting into my eyes. 

How about some glitter for your backside? This is the #glitterBooty trend.

Sure, it looks cool for a photo, but glitter travels and probably goes places it shouldn't, just sayin'! 

So this brings me to the newest glitter fad. A company has created a "glitter bomb" that's meant to be put inside your lady parts. Why on earth would any woman with half a brain do this? The New York Times wrote up an entire article on how dangerous this new trend is. Can we just stop being so damn stupid?