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Women with this Job Most Likely to Cheat?

Any guesses?

August 1, 2017

People sure love putting a bunch of money into studying the minds of people who cheat in their relationships and marriages. 

In just the past few months we've learned the time of year people are most likely to cheat, the age people tend to cheat, and now the job that the most females that cheat tend to have. Any guesses?

I was thinking maybe it's a woman in some sort of management position, but I am way off. 

The study was conducted by Illicitencounters.com, which is a site for people looking for something outside of their relationship. They tend to conduct a lot of cheater research because I guess it's just easy with all of their clientele. 

Here a few clues. This woman's cheating is based on loneliness and a lack of satisfaction in her marriage. That could really be any woman. 

But the answer is the stay at home housewife. 20% of them women on the website looking for side action are housewives. You can read more about the study's finding here.