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Women Pulls A Gun In A Fight Over Notebook

This is insane!

September 1, 2017

Back to school shopping can be stressful and expensive. I read an article in June that on average it was going to cost parents $500 per kid for back to school stuff. If you have multiple kids this adds up quickly. 

And then there's the damn supply list with a million things on it. Back to school shopping got very heated at a Michigan Walmart this week. Two women grabbed the last notebook at the same time and a fight broke out. The whole incident was caught on someone's phone and has since gone viral. 

WCRZ-FM reports that the two Farmington Hills women were shopping for school supplies, and when one of them reached for the last notebook on the shelf, a South Lyon woman also reached for it. Police told the Free Press that it was the 20-year-old who reached for it. 

It's a notebook for probably less than $3 and you're going to pull a gun?!? 

The wman who pulled the gun has a concealed carry license. There's no word on if she will be charged in the incident.