Working Less Better For Our Health & The Environment

Need an excuse to leave work early?

May 30, 2019

It feels like people are working more than ever! They go from their full-time job working more than forty hours a week to a part-time job driving for a ride share service to doing their side hustle from home. While we may be earning more money, there are other things that are seeing the negative impacts of our crazy work schedules.

The first is our health and well-being. If we are working less we actually have time to enjoy hobbies and downtime. Studies have proven that having time for these things and having a better work-life balance can actually boost creativity. Just this week it was announced that the World Health Organization officially has recognized work burnout as a treatable and diagnosable disease. Burn out isn't just bad for your work performance. While it can lesses productivity, creativity, and your ability to get along with others at work it can also have negative effects on personal relationships as well.

Need another reason to skip out on the overtime hours? Working less can be good for the environment! 

Commuting to and from work and running computers, electricity, etc is all very carbon intensive. By working fewer hours in the day, you are helping reduce your carbon footprint.

There are some experts that expect that by 2030, just over ten years from now, that a 15-hour work week could be a real possibility for many people because of technology. While this sounds very tempting, I am hopeful that this increase in computers and tech won't completely take all of our jobs.