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You Can Float On A Kim Kardashian Butt Floaty

April 6, 2017

There are some days that I wake up and I am truly worried about the World we live in and humanity as a whole. Today is especially one of those days. Every morning I visit a bunch of different websites looking for inspiration for the blogs I write and things to talk about on the radio.

While doing my normal browsing I came upon a horrific new product hitting stores in time for beach, lake, and pool season. 

Napoznál Kim popsijával idén nyáron? #petőfilive #kimoji #kimkardashian

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What in God's name is that? It's a Kim Kardashian butt floaty. Maybe this is just a late April Fool's Joke? Sadly though, it's not a joke and a legit product that you can pre-order now. How much will Kim's Ass floaty set you back? A cool $98

I think what's sad is that this stupid pool floaty will actually sell out. People love to hate on the Kardashians, but the same people that are hating on them are the ones buying all the products they push and endorse.