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You Can have a Starbucks PSL Right Now, But There's A Catch

Basics are rushing out to the nearest Starbucks!

August 11, 2017

OMG! You can be sipping on everyone's favorite Fall drink right now, the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. But before you run to your car to hit up the closest Starbucks, there's a catch!

You can have a PSL right now, but you can't get it at Starbucks locations. So where can you get you PSL fix? We still don't know the exact release date for the PSL this year, but I'd venture to guess it will be around Labor Day. 

Starbucks will be selling it in the big bottles like they sell their cold brew, Mocha, and Caramel coffee in the coming days. Also you can get the Pumpkin Spice Coffee in grocery stores too from Starbucks. 

I know, I know it's not the same as getting the PSL made fresh by a Starbs barista, but it's better than nothing.