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You Can Now Get a Degree In Becoming A Media Celebrity

Want to learn how to become InstaFamous?

June 20, 2017

Social media is a huge way that we keep in touch and interact with family and friends. It's also an amazing way for businesses and brands to expand their reach and advertise. And with the rise of social media over the last 10 or so years we are seeing a whole new type of celebrity rise to the top. 

There are a few different names people use for these new celebrities like Internet Celebrity, Social media star, or Media Celebrity. These people become famous for a video they've posted that went viral, a blog they write, or photos they share. I know you're probably wondering how much these people make. I did some googling and found that some internet stars make $1500 per sponsored tweet and $150,000 for two tweets a week for the year. Forbes released a list of the highest paid Youtube stars of 2016. PewDiePie, who creates videos with foul language about video games, made $15 million last year and topped the list. 

So how can you become Instafamous and start raking in some cold, hard cash? You can go to a China college and learn all the tips and tricks. Yes, I am serious!

Classes range from cultural literacy to make-up modeling to public relations etiquette. 

I wonder when someone here in the US will start offering these classes.