You Might Be A Narcissist If You Take Lots Of Selfies

June 21, 2018

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Lord knows no one wants to be a narcissist. There are lots of signs that someone is narcissistic and one may be easier to spot than others.

We all follow those people on social media that are constantly snapping selfies. I have people that I follow on Instagram that take 3-4 selfies a day. They take a good morning selfie, a lunch selfie, a gym selfie, and an outfit of the day selfie. Yikes, that seems a bit over the top right?

According to a study, people who are narcissistic tend to post more selfies to social media. But there's more to it. So many people are living in the social media Universe that they depend on likes and comments on what they post for reassurance. What that means essentially is that we are basing our self worth off of the likes and comments we get on Instagram, facebook, etc. 

But remember, we post the photos we want to post and only show the portion of our lives we choose to show. So take everything you see, read, or hear on social media with a grain of salt.