You'll Never Want to Eat Birthday Cake Again

Germaphobes you've been warned!

January 21, 2019

© Joingate | Dreamstime

Hi! My name is Kelly and I love a good piece of Birthday cake. Now I am a bit particular when it comes to what I define as being the perfect slice of cake. First of all, the cake itself has to be moist. And secondly, the icing has to be just right. If you're trying to give me cake with whipped frosting you need to just stop. Whipped frosting has to be the worst thing ever. I am a buttercream or cream cheese frosting girl all the way. 

God, I am drooling just thinking of a fat piece of cake with some buttercream icing! My birthday is just under 6 months away so I won't be worrying about cake anytime soon.

But if you have an upcoming Birthday or are planning you kid's birthday, you need to pay attention to this new study about birthday cake. 

There are traditions at Birthday parties that we all practice like singing Happy Birthday and having the person blow out the candles. You need to stop with the candle tradition and stop now. 

Clemson University conducted a study about blowing out candles and how bad it can be for transferring germs and bacteria to the cake. Yucko! 

An average cake already has some bacteria on it. But when you blow out the candles it increases 1,500%! But some people carry more bacteria in their mouths and that number can go up to 14,000%! Gag!