How Long Will You Spend Holiday Shopping for Significant Other?

Shopping can be difficult!

November 29, 2018

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Christmas shopping can be stressful especially when it comes to choosing a gift or gifts for certain people. I'd like to think that I am easy to shop for because I generally tend to tell people exactly what I want or at least drop plenty of obvious hints. You're welcome!

This year, I am really struggling with what to get my fiance. He has told me quite a few things that he wants, but I am still stuck. And it's no surprise that I am having a hard time shopping for him because according to a study, a third of people have absolutely no idea what to buy their significant other. 

Two-thousand adults were polled by ipostparcels and they all ranked who they thought was most difficult to buy for during the Holidays. Spouse/Sig other topped the list with people saying they spend almost 3 hours figuring out a present for them. Why do we struggle so much? Apparently, we feel a certain amount of pressure to get the right gift. 

The pressure and stress doesn't stop with our romantic partners. Who else are we having a hard time shopping for this Holiday?

1. Mom: an hour and 47 minutes

2. Best friends: an hour and a half

3. Dad: an hour and 28 minutes

4. Sisters: an hour and 12 minutes

5. Brothers: an hour

6. The Boss: just 12 minutes

You can read more about this study here. Like I said, I like to drop plenty of hints about what I want for Christmas over the months leading up to the Holiday. I think a lot of people operate in the same manner, you just need to listen and remember!