Your Facebook News Feed Is Getting an Overhaul

January 12, 2018

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Have you noticed how much Facebook has ruined relationships? Think back to last year during the Presidential Election. How much bickering and fighting did you see on your newsfeed? It was almost too much to take. I considered deleting my account or taking a long span of time off but being on the social media platform is a huge part of my job so that wasn't an option. 

People can post whatever they want pretty much on Facebook. Just last week, someone I was friends with posted a really gross video of maggots in someone's mouth. I don't do it often, but I had to unfollow and ultimately unfriend that person. There are just some things that don't need to be posted online. 

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerburg is making some changes to the social media platform for 2018. The goal of the changes to our newsfeeds is to bring people closer together. He shared this post on his page yesterday. 

But isn't it partly our own faults if our current interactions on facebook make us less happy? We don't have to like and follow all of those business pages. We also don't have to accept friend requests from people we don't care about or who tend to annoy us. No one is forcing us to interact with those people or keep up with what's going on in their World. 

Maybe the best thing for all of us to do and that includes me, is to do a Facebook friends list cleaning. Dump the people you don't care for or don't want to see their political posts. Life is too short to get angry or waste time on someone who doesn't really matter to you. And don't forget, if you don't want to unfriend someone because they are family or your boss, you can always use facebook's new Snooze feature. BTW, I'm still waiting for my APP to update so I can snooze a bunch of annoying people.