Your iPhone Is Keeping Track of Your Naughty Pics

How sneaky!

November 1, 2017

The technology inside our phones can really do a lot of good. It's hard to even imagine a World with a cell phone that didn't have internet access and social media on it. 

But sometimes technology can be a bit creepy too. If you're like me and love to snap photos of yourself, you may have a folder that your Apple iPhone has created for certain types of pictures. If you look in the photo APP on your phone, you'll see categories like selfies, videos, screenshots and more. 

But Chrissy Teigen, John Legend's wife, discovered another folder of photos that iOS is creating in the photos APP.

And sure enough, I tried it and had a few photos show up of me in a bathing suit and in a low cut shirt. Hmmmm, iPhone you're a creeper. 

This feature has been around since June of 2016, but somehow no one realized it. Do you have a brassiere folder on your iPhone too?