Is Your Partner Making You Gain Weight?

July 2, 2018

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There are so many things that come into play when it comes to a person's weight loss or gain. For women, our weight can fluctuate daily because of hormones or the time of the month. The struggle is real sometimes when you are trying so hard yet the scale isn't moving in the right direction. 

Exercise and food choices play a huge role in if we will gain or lose weight. If you aren't burning calories and you're eating foods that are high in calories, you will end up gaining weight. A rule to keep in mind: "A pound of fat is 3500 calories (a kilogram is 7700). If you eat 500 calories less than you burn every day, then after a week (7 * 500 = 3500) you will have lost a pound of fat."

And now there's another factor that can help you or hurt you when it comes to losing weight and that's your partner! The study was conducted and funded by Weight Watchers and it suggests that your boo can be your biggest ally or enemy in accomplishing your weight loss goals.

If a couple works at losing weight and getting fit together, you are more likely to succeed. And it makes sense if you think about it. It's hard to watch what you eat if the person you're with is constantly bringing junk food into the house. In extreme cases, a person will go to any length to try and derail your diet and exercise regimen as a way of controlling you. This isn't a healthy relationship and ultimately you need to rid yourself of this toxic force. 

But here's the good news. Even if your partner isn't on your weight loss train, they may be influenced by you. If they see a change in you, it may help them lose some weight too.