Checking Your Phone Before Bed Can Ruin Your Relationship

It's time to change your bedtime routine!

March 28, 2019

© Fabiana Ponzi |

Does your relationship feel like it has lost its spark? Maybe you aren't have sex as much as you used to and you're not sure why. There are so many reasons couple's sexual behavior changes like stress, being sick, or tired from running the kids here and there. 

But I bet you wouldn't think to blame your phone for a decrease in sex would you? According to a new study, three quarters of people who live with their spouse or significant other bring their phones to bed with them. The reasearch was conducted by Asurion and found that phones can really take their toll on a relationship beyond just the physical side of things. 

The big take away from the study found that Americans who bring their phones to bed re nearly twice as likely to spend time on their phone than they are to get romantic with their partner at bedtime. Eek! While I do bring my phone to bed, I set the alarm and put it aside for the night. Plus, there have been countless studies that prove that scolling on social media, checking email, reading news, or playing games can make it harder for us to fall asleep and can mess with our cercadian rhythm. 

A quarter of people say their phones screen is the last thing they look at before going to bed. The average coupled adult brings their phone to bed more than four nights a week, spending nearly 40 minutes on their phone before going to sleep.

So if you feel like your connection with your partner is not what it once was, you may want to start limiting you phone use at night and spend more quality time with your partner.