Zello Walkie Talkie App Helpful in Disasters

This App is bring the walkie talkie back!l

September 8, 2017

When you think of top downloaded APPs in iTunes or Google Play you probably think of Instagram, Facebook, or Snap Chat. And normally you'd be right, but with two large Hurricanes impacted the United States there's a new APP on top. 

It's called Zello and it's a walkie talkie APP. During Hurricane Harvey and the historic flooding in Texas, this APP helped people keep in touch with others and even get rescued from flood waters too. 

With Hurricane Irma heading into Florida more and more people are downloading the APP. "We have seen a large number of people signing up for Zello in preparation for Hurricane Irma. Over 1 million people have joined in the last day, with most coming from Puerto Rico and Florida," said founder and chief technology officer Alexey Gavrilov in a blog post Wednesday.

There have been rumors about the APP and being able to use it when you have no cell service and cannot get on Wi-fi, but the company is setting things straight. 

But you can access channels like severe weather updates and others that could help once the Hurricane makes landfall! 

The channels can have up to 2000 users and help spread news and information on rescues and other emergencies. You can read more about the APP here