Which Songs Made Grey Who They Are? Find Out In Our New #SML Podcast

Find out which tracks helped land them in 'the middle' of pop stardom

February 7, 2019
Grey discuss the songs that shaped their lives in the new 'Score My Life' podcast


You probably know GRAMMY-nominated siblings Grey from their bop "The Middle" with Maren Morris and Zedd.

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But what none of us knew until now is the music that helped shape the lives and career of Kyle and Michael Trewartha. That's because we snagged the electric duo for the debut of our brand new podcast, Score My Life. 

Take a listen to Episode 1 of #SML and find out which tracks landed these two right in "The Middle" of pop stardom:

From Australia to Hawaii to California, here are all the tracks that helped make Grey who they are today:

  1. “Down Under” – Men At Work
  2. “More Than Words” – Extreme
  3. “Change” – JOY.
  4. “Chop Suey!” – System Of A Down
  5. “3x5” – Joy Mayer
  6. “Yeah!” – Usher
  7. “Fatal Tragedy” – Dream Theater
  8. “Cave In” – Owl City
  9. “My Neck, My Back” – Richard Cheese
  10. “Only For You” – Mat Zo
  11. “Ease My Mind” – Skrillex
  12. “HUMBLE.” – Kendrick Lamar (Skrillex remix)
  13. “Toxic” – Britney Spears
  14. “Starving” – Hailee Steinfeld, Grey
  15. “Want You Back” – Grey ft. Léon