Christina Aguilera Talks Kids' Influence on 'Liberation' Album

June 11, 2018

Steve Jennings/Getty Images

Christina Aguilera is preparing for the release of her eighth studio album, Liberation. The music superstar is now sharing who and what has exactly influenced the new record before it's released June 15.  

Although her track list features a star-studded lineup including Demi Lovato, Ty Dolla $ign, 2 Chainz, among others, Aguilera says her kids are the ones to thank for the new collection of songs.

The 37-year-old has two children: son, Max Bratman, and daughter, Summer Rutler. Aguilera is now more cautious of what music she will release to the world because of them. 

The "Fall In Line" singer revealed that her kids' do keep an eye on what she's doing, which has definitely impacted the artist she is today. "But, you know, it all changes into the artist you are and the person you are and you have to absorb that," Aguilera revealed to Entertainment Tonight.

When it comes time for her children to look back at her previous work, particularly "Dirrty," Aguilera wants them to know she felt empowered in her own body. While she hopes her son grows up to respect women, she wants her daughter to be a strong independent woman just like herself.

Christina Aguilera's Liberation Tour will kick off Sept. 25 in Hollywood, Florida.