Study Finds Kids Work Harder Dressed as Batman

December 8, 2017

© Evgeny Ustyuzhanin | Dreamstime

If your child's favorite thing to do is dress up in their Batman costume, you're in luck. The October issue of Child Development is proving that the "Batman Effect" is most certainly real when it comes to helping kids concentrate.

The study was conducted by Rachel E. White and Emily O. Prager who both investigated "young children's perseverance" between the ages of four and six. According to Daily News, 180 kids were placed into three groups and assigned different tasks. 

Not only was wearing a costume more fun for the children, it also inspired them to work harder as they took on a different persona. It was proven that the children who were dressed as Batman performed significantly better. Other costumes included Bob the Builder, Rapunzel, and Dora the Explorer.