WATCH: Justin Timberlake Reveals He Hooked up with a Spice Girl

May 1, 2018

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Bye. Bye. Bye.

*NSYNC made a surprise appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show April 30 to play 'Never Have I Ever' and well, Justin Timberlake spilled some major gossip.

Your favorite '90s boy band was filled with joy and honesty as they answered Ellen DeGeneres' burning questions during the game. The topic of "hookups" now has the  *NSYNC fandom going frantic over which Spice Girls member Justin Timberlake was referring to when he turned his paddle "I Have" side up.

Which "Wannabe" singer do we think it could be? Scary, Sporty, Baby, Ginger, or Posh Spice?

We all know Justin Timberlake is happily married to Jessica Biel, however, we're very curious to see who YOU think it could be. Vote below!