"Life-Size" Movie Sequel Gets the Greenlight

By: Joe Hyer

April 20, 2017

Life-Size 2 has been greenlit. The new film, which will star Tyra Banks, it will air on Freeform in December 2018. 

Life-Size aired 17 years ago on ABC and the Disney Channel, and it sort of became a cult classic with millennials. The original film featured a moody pre-teen (played by Lindsay Lohan) and a doll that comes to life (played by Tyra Banks). The movie gave us the song "Be a Star."

The updated version will be geared towards fans of the original film. Most of those fans are probably in 20s and 30s now too. 

"She's (Eve) been around for a while. She's been alive for a while. She needs to grow up and experience more adult things. So, you’re going to see a very different Eve on Freeform," Banks told Entertainment Tonight (ET) on Wednesday.

For Life-Size 2, Eve will awake to help a young woman learn to live and love again. The movie will air as part of Freeform's 25 Days of Christmas programming in December 2018.

Casting has not begun on the film, but Banks is open to the idea of Lindsay Lohan making a cameo appearance. 

"I have not (reached out to offer a cameo), but I think it would be interesting. I have to talk to my producing partners. I think it would be interesting, right? That was my girl back in the day," Banks said. 

So who could get a starring role? Banks said she loves Zendaya

"I think Zendaya would be really interesting," she told ET.