LISTEN: Niall Horan's "Slow Hands" is Funky & Sexy And We Already Love It

By: Joe Hyer

May 4, 2017

Niall Horan dropped a new single from his upcoming album, and it is safe to say that "Slow Hands" will be one of our favorite jams this summer. 

It is the second solo song that Horan has released. His first song, "This Town," was released back in September. 

"Slow Hands," however, sounds significantly different than the "acoustic ballad feel" that "This Town" has for our ears.

Today's release could be classified as a funk-pop song that reminds us of the early '80s. Well, that's exactly what Horan was going for apparently.  At the time he was working on the track, Horan said that was listening to a lot of late '70s and early '80s music. He said that Don Henley's solo career from the early '80's was "an inspiration" behind the track.

The concept of the song was based on the moment when a guy may invite a girl home from the bar. Niall thought it would be cool to flip that moment around a bit. So in "Slow Hands" the girl invites the guy back to her place. Throughout the writing process for the song, however, Horan says the track sounded "quite sexy." 

Niall's upcoming album does not have a release date just yet. It is, however, said to be in the final stages of production. If the first two tracks are any indication of how great the album will be then we are super excited for its release. 

Horan's fans, by the way, are already loving today's release just as much as we are: