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LOOK: Beyonce Ordered Food From a Menu and Twitter Exploded

By: Joe Hyer

April 27, 2017

Beyoncé just set the internet on fire for doing something that you have probably already done a couple of times this year. 

Queen Bey posted a series of photos to Instagram last night from a dinner that she was attending. One of the photos used in that set seemed to show Beyoncé ordering from a menu. 

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That's pretty routine, right? We've all done it. Well, the internet had to have some fun with this of course. Memes have been popping up all over Twitter and Instagram for the past 24 hours, and they are hysterically funny to us. Here are a few of our favorites:

Lemonade should be free for Queen Bey:

The twins are hungry:

She doesn't need to pick up the check for Blue Ivy:

Earlier this week, Beyoncé launched her own scholarship award