LOOK: Man Installs "Relationship Saving Station" in Furniture Store

By: Joe Hyer

April 12, 2017

Have you ever gone furniture shopping with your significant other? It can be SUPER rough, right?

Shopping for an end table with your partner or discussing kitchen storage with your spouse in IKEA is incredibly stressful. You cannot leave those situations without getting into a fight, right?

Comedian Jeff Wysanski is offering a solution. He installed a fake “relationship saving station” at his local IKEA in Burbank, CA. 

“Ikea is notorious for ruining a couple’s afternoon. This was a fun way to try and address the stereotype," he told Today

Wysanski's station offered couples items to take their agression out on (like this poor horse). 

Adorable puppies provide relief when you're stressed about buying that $11 palm tree in IKEA with your significant other.

The comedian's station even offers pop culture related therapy.

How can you fight with someone when there are bubbles and fun hats involved?

Wysanski says he spent hours brainstorming and “trying to think of weird or funny things that couples could do to get happy again.” He never saw the reaction of the store's customers, however, because he left shortly after setting the station up. 

Now if someone could only make a "relationship saving station" when it comes time to assemble IKEA furniture in your house that would be perfect.