LOOK: Taylor Swift Teases 'Reputation' Tour Set With Lavish VIP Invitations

By Scott T. Sterling

March 16, 2018

Taylor Swift’s forthcoming Reputation Tour is sure to be epic, and she’s giving VIP fans an exclusive look at what’s in store.

The pop star revealed the sneak peek to fans fortunate enough to snag a VIP pass to one of the shows by way of an impressive and elaborate package sent out to purchasers.

The extravagant invite was shared by Jasmine Dotiwala, who posted a series of tweets revealing the package received by a fan in her office. Needless to say, it’s pretty cool.

“Hey guys, if you’re watching this right now, then you got a VIP package for the Reputation tour, and I’m so excited that you did,” Swift says in a video that comes with the invitation. “I’m so excited that you wanted to come. I am so stoked about it.”

In a separate tweet, Dotiwala details that the invite is packaged in a giant stage that seems to reveal what fans can expect to see at the shows.

If this is what the VIP invite looks like, we can’t wait to discover what happens when those fans attend the tour!

Taylor hits the road on the Reputation Tour on May 8.