Concert crowd


Madison Square Garden Teases Futuristic Sphere-Shaped Venue For Las Vegas

By: Anthony Capobianco

February 16, 2018

Las Vegas has always been a booming city for entertainment. But after the owners of Madison Square Garden revealed their plans for a new concert venue, the Vegas concert experience will change forever.

The MSG Sphere is proposed to seat 18,000 people, with direct sounds to specific locations in the building, seats outfitted with internet connection, bass boosts through the floors, 36 miles of LED lights on the sphere's exterior to change into any image and pattern desired, and a 180,000 sqaure-foot projection screen covering the sphere's interior shell.

Construction for the MSG Sphere is expected to begin in 2020, and a similar venue is planned for London, as well as smaller versions ranging from half the size of the original to a consumer size to fit inside your house!

Check out some of the Sphere's concept art below!