I'm A Sensitive Husband.

January 22, 2019

Recently we were talking on the air about how highly-sensitive people people can stop taking things so personally. Being a highly sensitive person is more than just being emotional; it’s about being very self aware and having the ability to read the mood of others around you. In that case, I don't think of myself as highly sensitive.

Considering some of the things that come out of my mouth, no one will be shocked.

Some bosses in my past have wished I was more sensitive before I blurted out the things I do. However, being as self centered as I tend to be (after all it is always about me), I guess what the suits were actually trying to say was be more sensitive to "others". OHHHH….

Yapping without thinking has worked out pretty well for me in the radio business. It's probably the only job where that concept would work, except for maybe being a politician. But when it comes to my wife, Amy, I am sensitive. If she's the least bit quiet when​ I come home from work I begin to feel like I'm in trouble (in my defense I screw up A LOT). The conversation goes something like this:


I am aware of the error of my badgering ways.

Amy, I'm working on it.