Dear Men: Stop Carrying A Thick Wallet.

August 5, 2019

Guys usually think that bigger is better. Big TV’s, big trucks, big man caves, big biceps, big uh… know.

Fellas, bigger is never better when it comes to a wallet. Did you not see the Seinfeld episode about George’s wallet?  Today, it is even easier to have a nice thin wallet.

I was wallet shamed about 10 years ago. My buddy, Brandon, saw my wallet and began busting my chops in front of everyone. It worked. Right there, on the bar my friends started tossing anything in the trash they deemed unworthy to reside in a wallet.

The other day on the show we started talking about wallets and we discovered Kary “Doc” Bowser has a big fat wallet.  Bandy called it a “dad wallet”.  "Dad bod" the ladies are okay with, the "dad wallet" not so much.Doc revealed I gave him the very wallet I was shamed about a decade earlier.  He has been beefing up that wallet for years.

We found receipts from 2017! Business cards! No one should have business cards in their wallet. They go in phone contacts. Rewards cards….NO! Usually you can just use your phone number for rewards. Otherwise, keep those in your car.

Guys, let’s all make a point of publicly wallet shaming all of our friends. It's our duty.