Top 5 Superpowers Parents Wish They Had

With Great Power Comes Great.....Parenting?

October 14, 2020
Matt is Super Dad

90% of Parents Would Want a Superpower to Help them with Parenting

The fact that 90% of parents want a superhero power is surprising. The surprising part is that it is NOT 100%! Seriously?! 1 out of 10 of you are passing on a superpower?

The number one choice was invisibility. I wonder if the parents that chose that power want to hide from or spy on their children. If I chose that, it would definitely be used to hide. I would call that superhero power disappear rather than become invisible.

 I am stunned that “never feeling tired” was way down at number 11. No question that would be number one choice, every damn day.

1. Invisibility
2. Flying
3. Time travel
4. Teleportation
5. Super strength