12 Things to Skip for a Budget-Friendly Wedding or Graduation Bash

April 30, 2018

Graduation and wedding season is upon us! Throwing a bash to celebrate the grad or bride and groom can crush your wallet if you aren’t careful. Here are some things you can skip to save some cash...

Skip the formal attire.
If you opt for a more casual affair you can save a ton. It’s possible, but much harder to pull off a formal wedding, shower or upscale graduation party.

Skip the DJ and provide your own playlist​.

Follow the lead of the professionals. Start the party with oldies, throw in a few line dance tunes and stick to solid hits.

Skip the bakery.
Hire an independent baker with a good rep. A custom cake topper on a basic cake goes a long way.

Skip dinner.
Instead, opt for a brunch, lunch or desserts-only function.

Skip the fancy caterer.
Reach out to some really good cooks or an independent chef. In Charlotte, the home of excellent culinary programs at CPCC and Johnson and Wales, finding the perfect person to provide delish dishes for a crowd is fairly easy.

Skip buying all the serving dishes, chairs and tents.

​Skip the pricey venue and use the church.

Some churches allow wine. Some won't allow alcohol at all which is fine because spirits add a lot to your price tag. Take the party outdoors or to a beautiful park.

Skip the florist.
Check with the floral department at your local grocery store or Sam’s Club. For your centerpieces replace them with candles, bows, pictures, gift bags and/or greenery from your yard.

Skip the party store.
Hit the dollar store for gift bags, plates, napkins, cups and flatware. Don't worry about finding everything you need at one location.

Skip the custom made favors.
Make your own using labels you print with your computer.

Skip the fancy invitations.

Make your own with help from the drug store or online photo and printing services. Use Evite or Facebook when possible...just make sure you demand an RSVP so you don't buy too much food. Allow people to RSVP digitally, because some people hate calling.

Skip doing it yourself.
Take your DIY friends up on every offer to help.