5 Common Frozen Food Myths

January 9, 2018

Matt is the kind of guy who will eat ANYTHING, regardless of the expiration date. So he's not really sure why we need to know these myths about frozen foods that you need to stop believing. For fun, here's a few of them...

Frozen Produce < Fresh Produce
Don't believe that frozen fruits and veggies are lower quality than the fresh stuff! As a matter of fact, frozen produce is "flash frozen" just hours after being picked at peak ripeness.

Frozen Food Expires
The quality of frozen food will decline the longer it stays in the back of your freezer, but frozen foods keep indefinitely.

Re-freezing Food Is Unsafe
The "danger zone" for where bacteria breeds like crazy in food is between 40°F and 140°F. As long as you've thawed your food properly (aka in the refrigerator), you should be goo.

Thawing Food On The Counter Is Safe
Lies!! Letting your food warm up to room temperature is just begging for the food to hit that danger zone and introduce you to food poisoning!

Running Hot Water Over Frozen Food Is Safe
The issue is it's difficult to make sure all of the food (especially meat) thaws evenly, which could lead to uneven cooking and you spending an evening on the toilet.