5 Struggles of Wearing Heels According to Ramona

December 27, 2017

© Gsphotography | Dreamstime


It's the time of year where we tend to break out our fancy clothes and gather with friends, family, and coworkers to celebrate the Holidays. And for many women that means breaking out some sky-high heels to complete your look. 

Isn't there a famous saying, "shoes make the outfit?" There's also that suggests "sometimes, love hurts" and Ramona Holloway would like to think this applies to wearing heels. Sure, they make your legs look long and sexy, but is the pain and possible risk of injury worth it. 

Here are Ramona's 5 Struggles with wearing Heels! Let's see if you agree with her!

1. Sidewalk cracks, uneven surfaces, cobblestone: These are all hazards when you're wearing heels. 

2. Losing a heel tip and the embarrassing sound that comes with it. 

The sound of passing gas is probably less embarrassing.

3. Grates can ruin your shoes or break an ankle!

Forget about the red ballon and focus on the potential injury and Emergency Room trip that stepping into a grate with heels can mean for you! 

4. Balls of your feet burning after a long day!

But of course you'll wear heels again tomorrow.

5. Walking a steep ramp or driveway is like trying to run on a balance beam! Walking in general can be a challenge, honestly. 

Matt Harris on the other hand seems to have no issues walking in heels and has some serious stileto swagger too!