5 Things You’re Saying That Rub People The Wrong Way

April 24, 2019

Humans aren’t perfect, and sometimes we’re kinda bad at saying what we mean. If you have trouble trying to get across how you feel, Buzz60 has five phrases you might be saying that are annoying.

1) “I’m going to be brutally honest…”
When people hear that, they know their feelings are probably about to get crushed. Sometimes we do need a healthy dose of tough love, but they suggest saying “Can I be honest with you?” to lessen the blow.

2) “No offense…”
We all know that’s code for “Whatever I say next is going to be offensive.”

3) “I’m sorry you’re upset.”
It definitely sounds like you’re telling someone it’s their fault for feeling the way they do...just stop at “I’m sorry,” and you should be fine. Or you can do what Matt does, diving on the blame grenade by apologizing dozens of times while calling himself an idiot!

4) “Don’t take it personally…”
There seems to be a trend here with trying to soften things before saying something bad. It’s basically saying “I hope you don’t get upset for me saying whatever I want, even if it hurts your feelings!”

5) “You meant well.”
Uh oh...we’re pretty sure Ramona’s said this one to Matt a lot. We love to put our feet in our mouths on this show!