The Average American Laughs 8 Times A Day

January 25, 2019

Does this number seem right to you? According to a new survey the average American laughs eight times day, but what are the things that make us laugh the most? Here’s a look at the top 10:

1) Things our kids say
2) TV sitcoms
3) Memes/animal videos
4) Reality TV
5) Dad jokes
6) Knock-knock jokes (if you tell Matt one of these he will out)
7) People mispronouncing words
8) Bad photos
9) Puns (one of our coworkers tells us a pun every day and they are indeed funny)
10) Watching someone trip and fall

If you’re a Matt and Ramona listener there’s a good chance you’re laughing more than 8 times a day’s the top things you might laugh at us for:

1) Matt blurting out things
2) Ramona’s love life
3) Matt’s bowel issues
4) Everything Ramona’s mom Wheezy does
5) Ramona’s giant head