Are Glitter Nipples The Latest Fashion Trend?

February 7, 2017

Remember when your mother took you to buy your first bra? It wasn’t just about “support.” You never wanted to look like you weren’t wearing a bra. Visible nipples were a big no-no. We tried everything from Band-aids to cotton rounds to conceal the headlights.  Conceal no more, ladies. Your erect nips are now your hottest fashion accessory. Celebrities with the last name Kardashian and others are proudly running errands and attending posh events looking perpetually chilly.

No need for ice cubes. No matter what size bra you wear there is a faux nip for you because they come in small and large.  Check out this website dedicated to helping you achieve the look when you wear a clingy sweater or slinky dress.

Check them out here AND you can even get in on the latest celeb trend “glitter nipples