This Is The Average Lifespan Of An American Couch

April 30, 2019

Excluding that fancy living room area in your grandparents' house where no one is allowed to touch any of the furniture, couches in America get used daily and experience a lot of wear and tear.

Did you know that the average couch in America is 6 years old? According to a study, it's quite the hub for activity...over the course of its life your couch will go through:

  • 36 naps (that number seems kinda low, doesn't it?)
  • 32 catch ups with friends and family
  • 21 sick days

All that time spent on the couch means it's gotta feel good, right? 70% of people say that their couch feels comfortable.

We often tend to cling to the same furniture for years, so buying new furniture can be a big deal. Still, the people in the survey said that people should have "grown up" furniture by the time they turn 28. Owning a couch isn't the only thing that signifies you're truly an's what people say are the pieces of furniture that officially make you a grown up:

1) Dining table
2) Dining chairs
3) Couch
4) Mattress
5) Bed frame