The Average Mom Spends 97 Hours A Week Parenting

May 7, 2019

Being a mom is hard work, and unlike a job, there is no pay or vacation.

A survey of 2,000 moms found that they spend about 97 hours a week taking care of their kids. And if you break it down, they'd make over $100,000 a year if they got paid for it.

Parenting is so time consuming that 53% of moms say they don't get enough sleep...62% say they don't even have enough time to have a sit-down meal.

Every mom has to wear multiple hats as a parent...these are the top roles every mom fills: meal planner, cook, housekeeper, launderer, teacher, nurse, life coach, personal assistant, therapist and event planner.

Despite all that, 69% of moms wish they could spend MORE time caring for their kids.