Batman Shows Up To Help Police During Standoff, Is Turned Away

April 1, 2019

© Bob Gross, Times Herald | © Xinhua


So things must’ve been calm enough in Gotham that Batman could make a quick trip to turns out they don’t really need him in the Great White North.

A woman in Kelowna, BC caught footage of a man dressed up in a Batman costume approaching officers during the middle of an armed standoff on Saturday.

Police had their guns drawn as they were responding to a domestic incident they believed involved a firearm. In the video Batman is seen talking to police, before quickly heading back to his Batmobile (aka a truck with the Batman logo on the back).

The guy, known as The Okanagan Batman, said on Facebook, “Stopped by to help but the RCMP had it under control.”

Though there was no firearm and no charges filed after police concluded their investigation, Kelowna RCMP said that Batman’s presence was an “unnecessary distraction.”