Being Around Your Spouse Instantly Calms You Down, Science Says

April 9, 2019

We’re all stressed out all the time. Heck, you’re stressed out right now reading this. Well, we’ve got the solution for a stress-free life…just keep your spouse around you at all times.

Okay, that might not be a realistic expectation, but according to science your spouse’s presence has the ability to reduce your stress levels.

Scientists discovered this while they were testing the idea that you can actually tell if is person is stressed just by looking into their eyes. The study used pupils as a gauge for stress and found that it takes less than 200 milliseconds for stress to take its toll on your body. However, the subjects whose spouse was in the room with them calmed down significantly faster than those who were in a room alone.

So not only can your partner help you navigate this life a little easier, also keep an “eye” out on people to tell if they might be stressed out!