North Carolina Is One Of America’s Best States To Drive In

January 23, 2019

If you’re a North Carolinian who happened to encounter some bad traffic today, just know you’ve got it a lot better than most states!

Wallet Hub has put out its annual list of the best and worst states to drive in. The list takes into account 30 factors including road conditions, traffic and gas prices (traffic congestion costs Americans an average of over $1,400 per year). North Carolina is safely in the top 10 best states:

1) Oregon
2) Illinois
3) Indiana
4) Iowa
5) Texas
6) North Carolina
7) Georgia
8) Arkansas
9) Nebraska
10) Ohio

South Carolina is in the middle of the pack at #29, but still so much better than these states...these are the 10 worst to drive in:

1) Hawaii
2) Alaska
3) Washington
4) California
5) New Hampshire
6) Rhode Island
7) Massachusetts
8) Wyoming
9) New Jersey
10) Maryland