These Are The Top House Rules We Expect Our Guests To Follow

April 16, 2019

Your house, your rules. When people come over, are there certain rules you expect people to follow? A survey asked people this question and they got all kinds of responses, from always flush the toilet to no phone at the dinner table!

Over 25% of people say that it’s rude to ask for someone’s WiFi password when you visit...anyone who says that, add them to the list of houses to avoid. Anyway, here's a look at the most common guest rules:

1.  Take your shoes off at the door.
2.  No shoes on the sofa.
3.  Always flush the toilet.  So the "let it mellow" rule doesn't apply if you're a guest.
4.  Use a coaster.
5.  No phones at the dinner table.
6.  No swearing, especially if they have kids.
7.  Put the toilet seat down.
8.  Wash your hands before dinner, or they'll think you're gross.
9.  Put on slippers and socks when you enter the house.
10.  Don't assume you can go anywhere in the house.  Some rooms could be off limits, like a bedroom or bathroom.