Closing Apps To Save Battery Life Only Makes Things Worse

February 6, 2019

Remember just five minutes ago when you realized you had 30 apps open on your phone, and you quickly closed them all because you thought that’d help save battery life? Well, you’re wrong.

For what seems like forever iPhone and Android users have believed the myth that closing apps stops them from quietly draining your battery, but the truth is no, doing that does not save your battery.

According to Fossbytes people have long confused apps being “open in the background” with apps “running.” The apps in the background are sitting there not doing much, but they say that closing and restarting apps every time is actually worse for your battery. Even one of the engineers from Google says so:


Closing apps uses battery resources, and so does restarting them. Instead of being worried about shutting down every app all the time, some better ways to save battery life include lowering your screen’s brightness, turning off “background app refresh” and turning off location sharing for apps that don’t need it.