Why Science Says You Shouldn’t Eat Your Boogers

April 5, 2019

Getting caught picking your nose and eating the remnants is basically a life sentence to being known as a “booger eater.” The stigma around nose picking in general is weird, given that 91% of adults admit to picking their nose regularly.

While just digging away up there might be fine, science says that eating your boogers is a health risk.

The main job of boogers is to catch viruses and bacteria. Basically when you breathe in, you’re inhaling all sorts of dirty particles from the air around you. Boogers trap those bacteria-laced particles that can make you sick. So when you turn around and eat said boogers, you’re basically introducing potentially harmful bacteria to your body.

Also, don’t listen to anyone that says eating boogers can boost your immune system...there’s no evidence to support that. Just pick ‘em, wipe ‘em and go about your day!

UPDATE: Are you a booger flicker? Matt has taken this hard-hitting question to the people...