A Swedish Art Project Will Pay You About $28,000 A Year For Life To Do Nothing

March 11, 2019

We’ve all wished for it at some point, the idea of getting paid to do nothing...well now it’s happening thanks to Sweden's government-funded art project called “Eternal Employment.”

For the rest of your life you can get paid about $2,320 a month. You'll also be given an annual 3% pay raise, vacation time and they'll even give you a pension! There are some rules though…

First off, you have to move to Sweden. Every day you’ll have to clock in at Korsvägen, a train station in the city of Gothenburg. Clocking in activates a set of lights above the platform, informing everyone that you are “at work.” You don’t have to do any actual work and you don’t even have to stay at the station all day, but you must also return at the end of the day to clock out, which deactivates the lights.

You’re also not allowed to have any other paying job, since they’re literally getting paid to do nothing, after all. The job is guaranteed for life, but you are allowed to quit or “retire” and be replaced by someone else.

If this sounds like your dream job you’ve got a while to think it over; “Eternal Employment” doesn’t begin until 2026, when construction on Korsvägen is scheduled to be finished. They’re also not taking applications until 2025.