What Is Your ‘Florida Man’ Story? Google It To Find Out With The Florida Man Challenge

March 21, 2019

For some, Florida is known as a state where the sun shines and people enjoy the greatest place on earth (aka Disney). For other, all we know about Florida is that people from there can’t drive and the criminals are a different breed of dumb.

The internet is abuzz with the “Florida Man Challenge,” thanks to Twitter user @g_pratimaaa (https://twitter.com/g_pratimaaa). All you’ve gotta do is google “florida man” and your birthdate and see which crazy headline pops up!

Here's the headlines that popped up for the Matt & Ramona Show:

Matt (October 28): Florida Man Sentenced For Plot To Blow Up Target Stores

Ramona (August 11): Judge Says Florida Man Can No Longer Order Pizza

Bandy (October 21): Wow there were A LOT of pretty graphic news stories that happened on this day...we had to skip through a few to find the funniest one: Florida Man On His Bachelor Party Dies After Falling On Cruise Ship

Doc (September 16): Florida Man Arrested After Complaint Of Man Sniffing Feet In A Library